June 14, 2024

What are tourist attractions at Racha Island in Phuket, Thailand?

green palm tree under blue sky during daytime

Racha Island in Phuket, Thailand

Racha Island is a popular tourist destination with clean white sand beaches. In the west, between the valleys, there is a horseshoe-shaped beach. The crystal clear water resembles the sea around Similan Islands to the south of Racha Tang Island. It is located on Phuket Island’s western coast. It is about 15 kilometers from Phuket Island and has an area of over 3,000 square kilometers.  It can be divided into two parts: Racha Yai and Racha Noi, which are approximately 6 kilometers apart from Racha Yai Island. Racha Island, on the other hand, has other 5 sub bays, including:

1.      West Bay

It is the most beautiful bay on Racha Island which includes the white wavy bubbles, emerald green sea, and beautiful sky. The famous accommodation on West Bay is RAYA Resort. The popular activities for the tourists who come to West Bay are sightseeing and sunbathing.

2.      Siam Bay

          It is the island’s longest bay and takes only 5 minutes from West Bay. The environment is peaceful, and the beach on this side is constantly windy. As a result, the waves are quite high, and the sea appears cloudy. During low tide, however, it is a beautiful shallow water snorkeling site where you can stand and watch corals on the beach or rocks without wearing a driving mask.

3.      Thue Bay

It is a small bay with a small beach compared to other bays on Racha Island in Phuket, Thailand. The water in the sea is transparent. Some people often go kayaking.

4.      Khon Khae Bay

          It is a popular snorkeling location on Racha Yai due to its beautiful diving place on Koh Racha. Travelers are attracted to staghorn coral and soft corals that are difficult to find. Furthermore, the water is transparent, allowing one to see the corals beneath the sea.

5.      La Bay

         It is Koh Racha Yai’s most beautiful diving location. If you travel with a tour company, they will take you diving at any point. Because the water around the island is clear and there are beautiful coral reefs and a variety of aquatic life such as stingrays, puffer fish, octopus. Thus, Koh Racha Yai has become one of the most famous diving sites in the Andaman Sea.

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